Summer Skittles Tournament 2024


Lodge of Love and Honour (285)
Mark Ambrosini 07717 861122
Benevolent Lodge (446)
Adrian Ambrosini 07831 556551
Adair Club
Royal Clarence (976)
Rich Lyons 07977877897

Fixtures & Results

WC 1st July
Love and Honour v Benevolent Lodge
Adair Club v Royal Clarence

WC 7th July
Adair Club v Love and Honour
Royal Clarence v Benevolent Lodge

WC 14th July
Benevolent Lodge v Adair Club
Love and Honour v Royal Clarence

WC 21st July
Benevolent Lodge (446) v Love & Honour
Royal Clarence v Adair

WC 28th July
Love & Honour v Adair Club
Benevolent Lodge v Royal Clarence

WC 5th August
Adair Club v Benevolent Lodge
Royal Clarence v Love & Honour


Grand Final and Prize Giving (date tbc) at The Crossways 


  Played Won Drawn Lost PM Pts
Love & Honour            
Adair Club            
Royal Clarence            


  • Top team
  • Best Individual score in one match
  • Highest Spare
  • Plus others


1. Points awarded as follows: 2 for a win and 1 for a draw
2. Games to start at 7.30pm if possible to allow time to chat afterwards
3. Home teams to start
4. 6 Hands to be played
5. Lady players to have 1 pin per hand played added to their final score.
6. Each team to pay sticker-up £2 per player for 6 hands (If two players have 3 hands each still £2) collected by home team.
7. Home team captain to record scores and email to within 24 hours of game
8. Results to include anyone scoring over 50 points for the Highest Score prize
9. Five pins per Hand will be awarded for any missing players

Ideally teams to be made up of five Lodge Members and partners/friends plus three guests and partners/friends, it is hoped that the guests could be either prospective candidates or lapsed brethren and the games will be played with the members and guests playing the first hand and their partners playing the second and so on (or members/guests can play all hands if preferred). This gives everyone a chance to play and allows it to finish at a reasonable time.

The home team should contact the away team to arrange a date to play the match within the week time frame allocated, the home team will pay the sticker-up, and it is up to the teams to decide if they wish to pay for the supper.

Each player is asked to pay £6 per game, this should be collected by the Captains. £2 for the Sticker Up, £2.50 for food and £1.50 and will be presented to the Provincial Charities at the Grand Final .